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About Vickie / The Creative Process


Creative Process


McMillan's paintings have been called "timeless".  As a wildlife conservation artist, McMillan is driven to paint accurate wildlife paintings for others to better understand their responsibility to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.  Her impressionistic yet abstract approach to the background allows the viewer to focus on the realistic detail of the subject. 
    The painting begins with a special recipe to create a think layer of abstract shapes creating depth and movement.  This process alows for an interaction with the painting in ways that are unpredictable. At this stage as well as the following 4 layers are not based upon the image but rather the study of color and how color will inhance the final image. As a result the painting is not contrite but freeflowing like nature really is. It is not until the 5th layer that McMillan begins to visualize and construct how the painting will work with the beautiful layers of abstract shapes and how they will relate to the painting as a whole. McMillan sees each layer is a catalyst to the next phase of the process. 
    Color is applied with acrylic washes similar to watercolor techniques. Thick transpartent medim is used to build up areas where McMillan wants the viewer to pay more attention. Detail is added at the very end after layers upon layers of shapes and color are used as the foundation to draw attention to the specific areas McMillan wants the viewer to focus on.


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