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One of my great passions is capturing the drama of people, animals, landscapes, and flowers, in still photography. Every photograph has a story and my role as the photographer is that of storyteller; the interpreter of the images.  I love to look for unique images that I can capture with creative angles, or perspectives, or lighting, or other effects with my Nikon D5000 camera.  I love taking both monochromatic and color images.  My commitment is to continually discover the limits of the camera and to constantly evolve as a photographer. I am beginning a new series of photographs to which I will add the mixed media of encaustic and acrylic paint.
My greatest joy as a photographer has been to do extensive study of African animals in their natural habitats.  Capturing images of these magnificent creatures in the bush exhilarates my soul.  These images often serve as the inspiration for my paintings.  With each picture, I can recall the adrenaline rush of being surrounded by a herd of three hundred Cape Buffalo, or the delight of watching a baby Nyala nurse on its mother, or the bone chilling roar of a lion within feet of the Land Rover.  I feel as though someone viewing my wildlife photographs can be transported to and lost in the mystique, adventure, and danger of the Dark Continent.

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