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About Vickie / Artist Statement


Artist Statement

As a wildlife conservation artist, McMillan is driven to paint accurate wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna for people to gain a better understand of their responsibility to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.  Her large scale public installations have included but are not limited to such themes as landscapes and nature, wildlife, flora and fauna, heritage, history, cultures and industry.

McMillan’s works are created on panel board for strength due to the layers of paint she applies for depth, texture and movement.   Her desire is to create a painting, not a photograph.  McMillan’s goal is to draw the viewer into the painting through unique and unusual textures, colors inspiring a particular mood and drama to keep the viewer interested.  Her painting process is complex but dramatic. The foundation of her work begins by adding numerous thick layers created by a unique recipe she has developed over the years. Once she achieves the texture she is looking for she begins to add thin acrylic glazes and wipes off areas where needed.  As a result, a unique texture begins to arise similar to the amazing and abundant textures created in nature. After achieving the right ground for each piece, it is then that she begins to develop the figurative imagery for each piece.  Her unique approach to the background allows the viewer to focus on what she wants them to focus on. Her original works are either installed or scanned and adhered to many materials such as etched glass, both interior and exterior walls, windows, metal, wood, Acrovyn and more.

Her unique style of impasto/impressionism was developed over time due to a disability she has called Essential Tremors.  In order to finish the final details in each painting or public installation McMillan holds her breath while embracing her right hand to create the desired stroke.  Despite McMillan’s disability of ET, her productivity is not hindered instead it has had an opposite effect as she is a prolific painter. McMillan’s decision to embraced her disability and allow it to work for her and not against her, has refined her unique style setting her works of art apart from others.  When working on large collaborative public installations she is able to encourage and inspire others to reach their full potential.  What drives her to create is to bring glory to her Creator; the exploration and discovery of natural patterns seen in her work that reflect nature; using her gifts and talents to encourage and empower others to overcoming obstacles to reach their own dream and goals.  Her public installations and large collaborative installations leave a legacy of changed lives. 

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