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Photography / Africa

One of my great passions is capturing the drama of the sights, smells, and atmosphere of people, animals, landscapes, and flowers, in still photography; especially in Africa. Every photograph has a story and my role as the photographer is that of storyteller; the interpreter of the images. I love to look for unique images that I can capture with creative angles, or perspectives, or lighting, or other effects with my Nikon D5000 camera. I enjoy taking both monochromatic and color images. My commitment is to continually discover the limits of the camera and to constantly evolve as a photographer. I am beginning a new series of photographs to which I will add the mixed media of encaustic and acrylic paint.
Prints of my photographs can be produced on traditional photographic paper, watercolor paper, canvass, our outdoor-grade metal. When printing on watercolor paper, I choose either a matte paper or a luster baryta fiber fine art paper to match the characteristics that are optimal for each image.  All of my prints and mats are 100% cotton, containing no optical brighteners for optimum archival quality. 

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