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Collaborative Projects/ Installations

Volunteer for Programs

Would you like to be apart of "Changing lives one painting at a time"?

Sign up for one of Vickie McMillan Haye's projects to learn more about the collaborative process. No need to be an artist, just a willing heart to impact another life.

Ignore where it says M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library This form is for those interested in volunteering for the Midland Library.

Email Address *
County *
Age *
(some locations do not allow volunteers under 18)
 under 18
 over 19
Which program are you interested in volunteering?*
(select all that apply)
  Children with Special Needs
  Adults with Special Needs
  Senior Citizens
  Fragile, Ill or sick
  Hospital, Recovery, Victims of Crime
  Community projects
 Set up exhibitions
 All of the above
What, if any, experience do you have in Arts Education, community service, or social work?
Skill sets*
Please check all that apply.
 Takes responsibility /motivates others
 Can design and create projects
 Awareness and knowledge of incorporating Essential Skills into programming
 Effective interpersonal skills
 Works well with people
 Oral Communication Skills
 Photographer- documents process
 Videographer - documents process
 Written Communication skills
 Mentor during the art process
 Experience working with children and youth
 Experience working with older adults
 Knowledge and ability to find resources that can help people
 Event planning and management
 Office work
 Funding knowledge
 Grant and proposal writing
Volunteer questions:
Is there an area not listed above that you feel better fits what you would like to do as a volunteer? Please describe.
Are you an artist or interested in the arts? What is your field or specialty?
For Artists
Please check the category that best describes you at this stage in your artistic career:
 Emerging artist: An artist who is at an early stage in their career, who has specialized training in the art form, and who has created a modest body of artistic work
 Established artist: An artist who is at a mature stage in their career, who has specialized training in the art form, who has created an extensive body of independent work, who has garnered national or international recognition from their peers as having reached an advanced level of achievement
 Professional artist: An artist who has specialized training in the art form, is recognized as such by peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition), demonstrates a commitment to a significant amount of time to creation, and has a history of public presentation or publication
For Artists
Project proposal & Project Experience (check any that apply to your current situation)
 I have an idea (or ideas) for a community art project
 I am working on a project proposal for a community art project
 I am currently working on a community art project
Do you have any questions or special interest you would like to discuss?
Provide 3 references and phone numbers*
Do you need community service hours? If so, describe your need.
  I do hereby affirm that all of the answers provided on my volunteer application are true.
  I will authorize Vickie McMillan to investigate my background as part of the screening process to determine my potential to volunteer.
 I do not hold Vickie McMillan responsible for any physical or bodily harm incurred to myself during a project.
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