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Contract Application

The following contract is between Vickie McMillan and the vendor (you). Filling out this information is not a TCA grant application or a final work contract. The following information is gathered for Vickie to write a contract between you (the vendor) and her.

What date or dates are you looking to book McMillan for a project?*
Keep in mind if you are applying to TCA here are the following grant deadlines and delivery of projects.
Project delivered September 1 December 14 ------ (TCA Deadline August 1)
Project delivered December 15- March 14 (TCA Deadline November 1)
Project delivered March 15 -June 14 (TCA Deadline February 1)
Project delivered June 15 -August 31 (TCA Deadline May 1)

Name of Buyer:*
example: Non-Profit Agency, School, Library, Church, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, and other City and Government organizations
Contact Person*
First and Last Name, title
Address, include zip*
place of program/workshop/residency,
(include area code)
Email Address*
What county will the project serve*
I am requesting information about:*
(select all that apply)
 Large Scale Collaborative Paintings
 Special Events
 AP master classes
 Live Performance Painting
 Staff Development
 Team Building
Which box best describes the group the project will reach?*
(select all that apply)
 Children with Special Needs
 Adults with Special Needs
 Senior Citizens
 Fragile, Ill or sick
 Hospital, Recovery, Victims of Crime
 Community at large
How many people will be impacted by the project? *
number of student and or adults____
number of Management Staff_______
impact of future people visiting site ____
Unveiling ____________
Do you have any specific goals in mind for the workshop?
Please describe the population you serve. If you have a mission statement cut and paste here.*
Please answer the following questions if you are a school.
1. Campus Profile/demographics: Provide a link if possible

Do you have a location in mind for the art installation?
If so please describe where. If you have the ability to send a photo please send to
Date of presentation/or start date for weekly programs
Do you have an AM or PM time slot determined?
Choose one or more slots
 Before School
 After School
  AM 8-10
  AM 9-11
  AM 10-12
  PM 1-3
  PM 2-4
  PM 3-5
  PM 5-7
  PM 6-8
  PM 6-10
Do you have an estimated size of the project you are considering?*
Do you need financial support provided by the community or the state?
Please contact TCA to discuss funding for one of McMillan's projects.
How will you be able to support our documentation and evaluation process?*
  By allowing for the submission of approved photos
  By collecting testimony from participating staff and students
  By providing a letter of support for Vickie McMillan's Programs
  By inviting the public to an unveiling
Please give three dates you would like to set up a site visit or meeting.
Vickie will give an 8% discount to your project for any 501c3 organization you give a referral that ends in a contract.
If so would you be willing to forward this link to the 501c3 group or person you would recommend or send me their contact information?
Stop Spam*
Please type the text you see in the box.

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